Stimulus check scam hits Tennessee


The federal government is looking at giving checks to help out during the coronavirus crisis. With so many in need right now, scammers are trying to take advantage of those who are vulnerable.

“The level of activity on scammers right now is just through the roof,” Robyn Householder, President and CEO of the BBB serving Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky said.

Dozens of calls have been coming in to the local BBB about a stimulus check scam.

“The government will never communicate with you via a text or social media. So, that’s a big flag right away,” Householder said.

News4 reviewed two types of the scam. Householder got one herself on Tuesday.

“I wish I could talk to the other end and remind them who they’ve just messaged. Grateful to have the knowledge not to fall prey, but it just emphasizes for me that they’ll try anything with anybody,” Householder said.

The problem with the text messages is that no one has received a stimulus check because Congress hasn’t passed anything yet.

“Never has there been a more important time for us all just to take a deep breath, slow down, and ensure that our choices and our decisions that we’re making are well thought out and well investigated,” Householder said.

Keep in mind, this scam is happening all over the country.

If you get one of the messages, report it to the BBB. Agencies like the FTC and Attorney General’s Office use that info to take up concerns.

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