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MEMPHIS, Tenn. –On Thursday, as WREG pressed to learn when details into Darius Stewart’s death would be made public, his family made a plea to keep that information private at least for now.

The parents of Darius Stewart have asked for answers in their son’s death since he was shot by Officer Connor Shilling in July.

Thursday their attorney filed a motion requesting a judge delay the release of the TBI’s investigation.

“We’d just like an opportunity not be heard about the release of that information to them first,” said Attorney Murray Wells.

Wells’ motion stated several reasons why they are intervening in the release of the TBI findings.

The contents  include intimate details of the final moments of their son’s death, and he said the parents have a right to know what’s in those files before the public.

Not doing so would cause them irreparable harm.

“The intention is not to block anything. The intention is to be able to let the family digest what’s happened before they get bombarded by the press and the public,” said Wells.

The chancellor hasn’t set a date to hear the motion.

This news comes just days after a Grand Jury decided not to indict Memphis Police Officer Connor Schilling in the death of 19-year-old Stewart.

Officer Connor Schilling doesn’t face any criminal charges in the case, but was charged with violating department policies for handcuffing and radio procedures