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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A stampede on Beale Street caused damage, injuries and shut the area down just before 1 a.m. Sunday.

The Beale Street Merchants Association confirmed the incident happened as a group was being removed from Club 152.

Some metal fencing reportedly fell to the ground, causing a loud noise which some people thought was gunfire.

Police said several hundred people wan east from 2nd Street  down Beale St., then down B.B. King Boulevard.

Then a few minutes later, police said “several hundred people began running west on Beale St. from Rufus Thomas trying to exit the street.”

Beale Street was closed at that point.

One woman reported an injured shoulder, another a scraped knee.

Officers at Beale and B.B. King Boulevard were flagged down by a man with a pacemaker who was having chest pains.

A police car parked at Rufus Thomas and Beale had a broken back window from a beer bottle that was thrown during the incident.

A section of the wrought iron fence that surrounds Handy Park was knocked down near the intersection of Rufus Thomas and Peabody Place.

Last week at around the same time, two men were shot and an 18-year-old girl killed at 2nd and Peabody.