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(Memphis) Tabitha Gentry appeared in court via video and immediately began objecting to what  was happening.

“Sir I am a Moorish American. I challenge these proceedings in court today,” said Gentry.

Gentry, a self-proclaimed Sovereign Citizen, set off a firestorm when she moved into an East Memphis million dollar mansion, locking others out and setting up house.

Investigators say it was one of her children, a 15-year-old, who prompted them last Thursday night to move in and storm the home on Shady Grove.

The 15-year-old sent a text to her aunt for help.

“They’ve got a good relationship.  She received text messages and things like that gave her some concern so she took action,” says Kenneth Besser, attorney for the 15-year-old’s aunt.

At juvenile court Monday morning, the 15-year-old was seen crying during a custody hearing.

A judge granted her biological father temporary custody and she will live with him in Texas.

“When you  have someone locked in a compound basically, it’s a dangerous situation. He wants his child out of it,” says Johnny Rasberry, attorney for the 15-year-old’s father.

Back at criminal court, one of Tabitha Gentry’s supporters said the case, which was reset, should be dismissed.

“Why y’all wanna reset her court date? Why y’all want to reset her court date? All that stuff. She is a Moorish American and she will be out of jail,” says Jarrod Batts, a supporter of Tabitha Gentry.

Tabitha Gentry will be back in court March 26.

The father of her 15-year-old daughter is taking the girl  back to Texas with him.

The court says he’s been active in the child’s life all along and is granted temporary custody.

There will be a permanent custody hearing April 15.

Gentry’s other children are with family and one is in DCS custody.