Southwind teacher under investigation after reportedly attending virtual class naked


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Mid-South teacher is under fire for allegedly attending virtual school naked. Now an image of the teacher is being shared by students on social media.

In a screenshot that’s been shared by students on social media, a Southwind teacher can be seen standing up naked during a virtual class.

Principal Christopher Hardiman addressed the photo in a recording shared with us by a Southwind High parent.

“One of our teachers was seen briefly on camera while dressed inappropriately,” Hardiman says in the recording.

In the recording sent to parents, the principal says the teacher was referred to the Shelby County Schools Office of Professional Standards for a full investigation.

“That’s why I wanted to be sure you heard the facts directly from me and that we were taking the proper steps to address it,” Hardiman says in the recording.

Parents in the area like Eric Johnson says if this was his child’s teacher, he’d want the teacher immediately removed.

“You’re naked. That’s sad. You suppose to be here to help the children not do things of that nature,” Johnson said. “Excuse my language but I’d be raising hell like anybody else parents should be doing if they’re concerned about their children.”

“A half-naked man in front of our children is downright disrespectful,” said Lawrence Hawkins, who lives nearby.

It’s still unclear why the teacher was undressed, but parents we spoke to say one thing is clear.

“They need to do some disciplinary action about that because that’s inappropriate,” Johnson said.

We reached out to the Shelby County school district, and officials tell us they are checking into the manner. SCS says the teacher was placed on administrative leave on Nov. 2, and that appropriate action will be determined pending the outcome of the investigation.

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