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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Graduation is looking a lot different for students this year because of coronavirus.

For students at Southwest Tennessee Community College that meant a balloon filled drive through campus to pick up their caps and tassels on Tuesday. They’ll be worn during a virtual commencement next month.

“We want them to be able to have on their caps with their loved ones as they are watching the virtual commencement and seeing their name flash across the screen,” said Jacqueline Faulkner with the college.

Braxton Taylor and her mom were the first ones in line. Both were sad she will not get to walk across a stage and accept her diploma in front of family and friends.

“I’m excited for her but I just hate she didn’t get the chance to participate in everything you get to go through as a graduate,” said Connie Westbrook.

Still, they said this will not stop them from enjoying the day and marking a milestone.

The virtual commencement ceremony is June 13. More than 1,500 students are graduating from Southwest Tennessee Community College this spring.