MEMPHIS, Tenn. — WREG spoke with two Memphis natives who are hoping to change the lives of young people, one note at a time.

Gun violence in Memphis is on the rise, and according to the Crime Commission, teens are committing crimes at record highs.

Seeing that, a couple of lifelong Memphians are using music to try and save lives.

Fred Yancey is the CEO of TPC Studios in Southaven. He said he is opening his music factory to youth between the ages of 6 and 18 to help get them started early in the music industry.

He will even show them how to build their own studio at home.

“So now, you are your own CEO your own boss. that is what I want to teach them. Give them the mindset to be able to create and be able to be creative,” Yancey said. “They can start it from the beginning. They can write it. They can record it. They can mix it. They can master it. Play the guitar, we teach that. Vocal lessons, we have it all.”

Long-time Memphis Musician Jerry Braxton is partnering with Yancey. He said he knows firsthand how music can someone out of trouble.

“It keeps you out of the streets because it worked for me. it took me hours to sit down and learn how to play the bass, listen to the records, and learn how to play different songs,” Braxton said.

“[They can] learn how to play cords progressions, instead of copying cutting paste and sampling, you can play your own rifts,” Braxton said.

They are giving their time and skills free of charge. They hope to get the attention of the city of Memphis and surrounding communities.

“[We] help with homework if the kids need anything, if they just need life lessons. As young people we are lost, and I want to bring us back and give a role model feedback to kids and make sure they understand there is more to life than what they are seeing,” Yancey said.

That’s why they said part of their approach is to get younger people to see that you can also make positive music — that sounds just as good.

“Music is like food, what you take in is what you give out, so I wish that we as a nation can just clean up the act a little bit more,” Braxton said.

Yancey says his nonprofit Y Community Services has reached out to city leaders with hopes of partnering with the City of Memphis.

If you would like to get in touch with Yancey about music productions lessons call 901-649-8771.