Southaven small engine repair business booming as pandemic nears summer

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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — The coronavirus pandemic has created more demand for the services of a Southaven small engine repair business.

Since more people are home now, more are doing their own lawn work but finding that their mower or weed-eater that hasn’t seen daylight in a while might be suffering from neglect.

“Grass is not going to stop growing, leaves not gonna stop falling,” said Larry Brister, co-owner of LB Small Engine Repair on Goodman Road.

Brister said business has more than doubled during the pandemic.

“Because a lot of people been laid off or working from home, so they got a lot more free time, so they’re spending more time in the yard working, doing stuff they normally don’t do, where landscapers did it for them,” Brister said.

Now he’s just about out of space for anything and everything that’s gasoline-powered and in need of repair.

It can take a tune-up or a new carburetor to get them running again, but most people are shocked to hear just how long they might have to go without their yard machines.

“A lot of people will call and like, ‘Oh, five weeks?’ but them some people are like, ‘Oh well, it’s just gonna sit at the house, so I might as well bring it in anyway,'” employee Jon Jaynes said.

When the fitness center where Jaynes worked closed in March, he got hired on at the repair shop, but never expected the demand for repairs to be so overwhelming.

“A lot of people are working their yards, and I guess that’s why people keep coming in,” Jaynes said. “I never knew that the lawn mowing business was so good—I mean, it’s real busy.”

Brister said if you’re planning on storing your mower during the offseason, you should always drain the gasoline tank.

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