Southaven residents upset over dumpster left festering in neighborhood

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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — Some Southaven, Mississippi, residents are fed up with the sight of the dumpster next door. The neighbors say with summer just getting underway the growing load is an eyesore that could breed mosquitoes and rodents.

Homes are going up by the dozens, but the scraps are sticking around.

“It’s become an attraction for a neighborhood dump,” said Eileen Ault.

The dumpster has been sitting so long that weeds have started growing out of it, but code enforcement says the builders now have five days to remove the garbage.

“It’s got to be an attraction for rodents, and when it rains it fills with water then there’s concern about mosquitoes with that,” added Ault.

For months now the residents living in the Belle Pointe Subdivision of Southaven say they’ve been emailing Sean Green from Dream Home Builders trying to figure out why a giant dumpster is still parked outside of their home even though the homes they were working on seem complete.

“I feel like it’s been neglected, and I don’t think it’s been high on Sean’s priority list. This is definitely an eyesore,” added Ault. Bradley Wallace is the director of public works with Southaven.

He sent code enforcement out, who told us if the dumpster isn’t emptied by next week, the builders will face consequences.

That’s the explanation that these residents keep getting from the builder, and that’s exactly the reason code enforcement got too. They don’t have the right equipment to move the large load, but rain or shine, in a few days it appears the trash has got to go.

“It’s overflowing, then there’s stuff all around it daily. We are picking up trash that blows out of it,” said Ault.

Ault says she can’t wait until she doesn’t have to pick up litter from the dumpster next door.

WREG talked to Dream Home Builders late Wednesday afternoon. They said they hope to have the dumpster removed on Thursday.

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