Southaven residents on edge after drive-by shooting damages homes, vehicles


SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — Multiple gunshots rang out in a Southaven neighborhood, and the people who live there are still on edge.

Stray bullet holes are left behind from what Southaven Police describe as a drive-by shooting in a neighborhood between Stateline and Horn Lake Roads.

Many neighbors saying they’re still confused today as to what led up to it. One woman says a camera on the outside of her home captured two cars using her street as a pass-through, meaning they came from outside the neighborhood.

Video shows one car driving behind the other and stopping on Rasco Hills. Someone leaned out of the window of each car, and they started shooting back and forth at each other.

Witnesses say their bullets hit a house and a car.

“I panicked,” one witness said. “It sounded like it was literally right here. It was kinda frightening to hear that many because it was 10 shots.”

Police say three cars were involved, and they later caught up with one of them about two miles away on Stateline and Highway 51. They say they detained one of the suspects.

“Hope it’s not something someone will come back and retaliate or come back to finish something,” said a woman who did not want to be identified.

She says that because she has two kids, both teenagers, and she knows their house or their family could’ve also been an unintended target.

“Bullets have no name. They travel,” the woman said. “I’m licensed. I still will be more alert.”

WREG has asked the Southaven Police Department if any arrests have been made in connection with this shooting. So far, we have not heard back.

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