No charges filed in case of alleged Southaven abduction attempt


UPDATE: A Southaven spokesperson said no charges were filed against Michael Mangone.


SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — An Arlington, Tennessee man is being questioned by Southaven police after he was accused of trying to abduct children waiting for the bus on Wednesday morning.

Police says Michael Mangone has been detained in the case.

It happened around 7:15 a.m. while Jennifer Hall-Barrasso’s 11-year-old daughter and six-year-old son were walking to the bus stop.

Investigators say Mangone pulled up in a silver car.

“Once my children got past the driveway, I saw he started inching towards them,” Hall-Barrasso said. “So, then he came full on towards them.”

Hall-Barrasso says Mangone allegedly cut them off with his car then motioned for the children to get in the car. She says she was watching from her house and rushed down the street.

“I told him. I said ‘you don’t approach my f****** children like that, get out of neighborhood. I’m calling the cops.” Hall-Barrasso said. “He hollered ‘I’m looking for a Presbyterian Church’.”

A source close to the investigation says that’s exactly where he went after leaving the neighborhood. He reportedly went to a church in Hernando where he confessed something.

It is not clear what he confessed but it was concerning enough that the church called police and shared surveillance photos.

Investigators say Mangone allegedly approached other children before driving up to Hall-Barrasso’s kids.

At this time, charges have not been filed against Mangone.

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