Southaven mayor issues ‘Stay-Away’ order for residents

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Southaven residents are being urged to follow the guidelines issues in the city’s civil emergency ordinance and avoid gatherings.

In a press release, Mayor Darren Musselwhite declared a ‘Stay-Away’ order in the city of Southaven.

According to Musselwhite, this order differs from ‘Shelter-in-Place’ and ‘Stay-at-Home’ orders because it focuses on getting people to stay away from each other.

“People need to be able to get out of their homes, enjoy the outdoors or even taken a drive,” Musselwhite said in the press release. “You don’t have to stay home, but it’s imperative that you stay away from other people and facilities.”

Musselwhite also said that Southaven does not have the resources to realistically enforce people to stay at home. He says something of that magnitude would require state or federal assistance.

He did say the city had the resources to enforce the ‘Stay-Away’ order but did not clarify how that would be enforced.

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