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(Memphis) Its been a world wind 24 hours for Southaven Mayor Greg Davis and it didn’t stop with him fighting to keep his job last night during the mayoral election. Today he found himself involved in a very personal fight now that his ex-wife plans to move out-of-state.

Away from the glare of the most of the media, Suzann Davis and her lawyer arrive to court in Coffeeville, MS with her oldest daughter. Her ex-husband Southaven Mayor Greg Davis is there with the middle child. The two are at odds over all three of their children and where they should live.

Suzann Davis wants her 2011 divorce settlement amended and she wants to move to Charleston, South Carolina. Her lawyer said in court she has a job there but her ex seems to want their children closer to him in Mississippi.

Both sides refused to talk to WREG outside of court because of a gag order placed on the case. The gag order keeps them from speaking on some issues out of court and in court they didn’t get to say much either because a frustrated judge wouldn’t let them.

“What’s the problem? What part of that order did neither one of you understand,” said Judge Percy Lynchard, Chancery Court.

The judge ordered this case be set for trial months ago and he admonished the lawyers for coming today without be prepared for a full hearing.

Lynchard said, “Here we are the 5th day of June and it’s still not set.”

The judge set a firm trial date of July 16th but by then Davis will no longer be mayor of Southaven. That is a point they’ll likely discuss since the judge is also scheduled to set the amount of child support Davis pays to his former wife.

Once Mayor Davis gets this personal issue settled then he must deal with two other very public matters. One is a civil trial where he’s being asked to repay thousands of dollars and the other is a criminal trial where he faces jail time for embezzlement.

Davis’ oldest daughter will not likely be affected by the custody hearing because of her age. She graduated from high school this year.