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(Southaven, MS) Colonial Hills is one of Southaven’s oldest and most politically active neighborhoods.

New Alderman Shirley Beshears says she’s ready to get to work and bring some much-needed changes.

”Code enforcement is what my constituents want, she said. “They want their neighbors to cut their grass. We want to improve the Main and 51 district”.

She says she and other Aldermen plan to hit the ground running and get some projects going right away, along with new Mayor-elect Darren Musselwhite.

Musselwhite has long promoted a more open government, with more transparency, trust and accountability.

But the day after the election, specifics were hard to come by.

After multiple messages left for him, and a visit in-person to his office, he finally responded by text, saying: “I have some immediate things to take care of today.”

He promised an interview later.

In the meantime, those who will be working with the new mayor on the Board of Aldermen say they have talked with him, and remain confident he’ll keep Southaven moving forward with integrity.

Beshears says Musselwhite won’t forget Southaven’s oldest neighborhoods, and will lead for the good of all.

”He is on board,” she said. “This is Darren’s hometown in Ward Two, so he’s on board to do the right think for the citizens of Ward Two”.