Southaven family heartbroken after cat shot with BB gun


Photo given to WREG

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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — A family is heartbroken after someone shot their pet cat in the mouth with a BB gun.

This happened in Southaven near State Line Road.

“I don’t understand why someone would intentionally hurt my cat,” said the woman, who didn’t want to be identified.

At first she thought nothing last weekend when her 1-year-old tabby returned to their home, but pretty soon, she realized something was different.

“His throat was closed shut, his face was swollen,” she said.

She rushed him to the vet, who said it looked like he had been shot through his mouth. The bullet lodged right behind one of the cat’s eyes.

The vet believes the bullet came from a BB gun.

“He was in such poor condition, he was in immense pain. He was having trouble breathing ’cause of all the swelling,” the woman said.

It left his owners only one real choice.

“I had to make a decision that I didn’t want to make, but I had to make,” she said. “They’re like your family. They’re like your children.”

Grief-stricken, they said their final goodbyes to their cat, but with your help, they’re hoping they don’t have to say goodbye to justice.

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