Southaven family frustrated by water seeping up from underground


SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — Marilyn Burns can’t walk outside her Southaven home without getting hit in the face with a reminder of what she and her husband have faced since 2001 in their Highland subdivision.

A constant stream of water flows along their driveway and curb, even on bone-dry days. Every year it keeps getting worse, she said.

“You know how you turn a faucet on and the water fountain, the water comes up out the spout? The water was shooting up through the crack in the driveway,” Burns said. “It gets slick out here. This stuff is just slimy.”

It’s washed away the pavement on their driveway, left standing water in their water meter and now has settled onto the curb with globs of algae and bugs.

The Burns don’t know where the water is coming from, and they say Southaven water officials don’t know either.

Crews came out and dug holes to investigate, but the holes filled with water, she said.

Next-door neighbors say they are tired of the water too and can’t believe no one knows what is causing it or how to stop it.

“They come out in the summer every now and again and take one of those brush sweeping trucks and clean the curb line up from all the green fungus, whatever that is down there. And that is all they have done,” said Natasha Fowler.

Not only is this water a pain to deal with every day, neighbors fear it could affect potential buyers.

Mayor Darren Musselwhite said in an email this has been an ongoing issue that the city’s utility team has been investigating for a long time.

He said the problem is not from a public utility line but below the ground from a natural spring. He claimed that since the problem is on private property, the city is limited on what it can do.

He said they will continue to study the water issue and try to help the homeowners.

That’s still no remedy for the people in the neighborhood who still wait for their water woes to be washed away for good.

“I want this here stuff to go away. It’s too filthy,” Burns said.

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