Southaven family battling raccoon infestation

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Southaven, Miss. - - A family is scared of their own apartment because of raccoons. Their complex, The Legacy at Church Lake Apartments in Southaven, is having problems with the critters.

Don Johnson spends his nights on watch, clutching a gun, protecting his wife and 6-year-old son from raccoons.

"I stayed up until daybreak New Year's Day, trying to fend these things off," he said.

So far he's kept them out, but says he's surrounded.

"They've found a way to get inside the walls and they are festering in there," Johnson said.

He says they're getting in through a number of openings, mostly on the roof.

"One tried to come down the chimney, and I hit at it and hit the wall. He scurried back up. My son was so scared," Johnson said.

Johnson says it happened again early this morning while he was out of town. He says his wife called police and escaped through a bedroom window before going to a hotel. Luckily, his son was at a relative's house.

"It's ridiculous," Johnson said.

He says it's been going on for two weeks but management hasn't done much to fix it. So, we went to the leasing office.

The apartment manager wouldn't comment on camera but did tell us traps have been set. She said they would have been set sooner but the holiday season slowed everything down.

Either way, Johnson has had enough. He, his wife, and son are going to stay in a hotel until they find another place to live.

"I should be able to be at piece in my home," Johnson said.

The apartment manager asked us to call their corporate office for more information. We did, but as of the time of this writing, we have not heard back.

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