South Memphis residents say railroad tracks causing safety hazards in community

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Neighbors in South Memphis say old railroad tracks on Kansas Street near McLemore Avenue are causing safety hazards in the community.

Neighbor Fred Jones says it seems like the railroad company stopped before they finished with repairs.

“It’s like a pothole. If you cross a pothole and don’t know it’s there, it’ll just tear up your car,” he said.

It’s a well-traveled are a with warehouses, a school and homes nearby.

“It’s a dangerous situation on the street that needs to be corrected,” Jones said.

You can also see debris piling up on the sidewalk next to the railroad tracks, including wood, tires and railroad supplies.

“It’s like a dumping ground. They just dumped it and left it,” Jones said.

Jones says he’s complained to to the city, but he hasn’t received any answers.

“The neighborhood is real frustrated as to why this hasn’t taken place by now. Enough is enough. We talk about cleaning up the city and blight, and this is clearly blight.”

A City of Memphis spokesperson said crews would be out there to assess the problem on Monday. They’re also meeting with the railroad company to try and fix the problem this week.

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