South Memphis on edge after man allegedly touches girl at bus stop

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police are combing a South Memphis neighborhood and parents are keeping close watch a child told police she was approached by a stranger while waiting for her school bus on Gaither Street on Monday morning.

She said the man pulled up and tried to talk to her and when she walked away he reportedly got out of his car and inappropriately touched her.

The stranger took off in a white four-door sedan with tinted windows.

“We ain’t going to tolerate that around here,” said one father. “We ain’t going to have that.”

Memphis Police say they have a vague description of the suspect but told us they received two other reports recently of a man in a white car in the same area of South Memphis approaching Hamilton High and Middle School students.

In those incidents he never got out of his car.

If you see a suspicious car you need to let someone know you see a suspicious car in the neighborhood

“If he come back through here … we ain’t going to have it around here.”

Shelby County Schools released this statement: “We have shared the description of the suspect and the vehicle with families, and are asking our families to help us stress the message to children to please be careful walking to and from school.  In addition, we’re stressing these messages with the students at school.

“Also, MPD and SCS Security are collaborating to have extra support in the area to help keep our students safe (before and after school).”

Police say the best thing you can do right now is speak up — if you see something, say something. If you see the man or know who he is call Crime Stoppers at

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