South Memphis neighbors say city ignoring tall grass

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As the city of Memphis urges TDOT to cut and clean the grass around the interstates, residents are now urging the city to cut and clean the grass within the community.

Residents in one South Memphis neighborhood say their overgrown grass is safety concern.

Near the intersection of Williams Avenue and Mississippi Boulevard is an empty lot of overgrown grass and weeds standing over 5 feet tall.

According to the City of Memphis’ Code of Ordinance, the height to which grass must be cut is 12 inches.

“Snakes and rats. There are all kinds of animals in here. Then we got our little children over here,” Odessa Williamson said.

Several neighbors said the grass has been like this for months. But despite their cries to the city for help, they’ve yet to see any action.

“We shouldn’t have to suffer like this because we live in a what they call a poor area of Memphis. We still pay taxes,” Williamson said.

What makes the matter more pressing is that the lot is right next to a MATA bus stop.

People like Alvin Kilpatrick, who uses the stop frequently, says the overgrown grass is a safety concern, especially at night.

“They need to cut it because somebody could hide in there and kill somebody or rape somebody,” he said. “But they won’t do it. I don’t understand it.”

City officials said they are investigating the issue.


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