South Memphis man claims city hasn’t picked up storm debris

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MEMPHIS, Tenn.  — A South Memphis man says storms have caused major damage to his property, knocking two trees over in his front yard, but he can't move on because he's waiting on the city to move the leftover debris.

Daniel Horwell says what started out as a small mound is becoming a dumping ground and it's all happening at the end of this driveway. Horwell says he's tired of seeing tires tucked under debris.

"After they put the tree out there people started putting trash out there and that was three months ago," said Horwell.

Horwell claims he started reaching out to the city months ago and still no storm cleanup in the 1300 block of Horace.

"People come and go through that trash and scatter they move it and find out nothing is there and go on about their business," said Horwell.

The city responded Wednesday that a solid waste supervisor will be out to inspect the location Thursday.

But he fears the pile will only grow if the city doesn't step in and haul it away.

"They said they were going to send someone out and they never sent anyone out," added Horwell.

He says the eyesore is not for a lack of trying to get the issue resolved, he's called but still finds the mix of sticks and trash right outside his front door.

"The grass has grown taller than the trash because they haven't picked it up," said Horwell.

Horwell says he's 78 and can't mow his own yard so he leans on neighbors to help him out. As of right now those neighbors won't come close to the heap of trash and it is making his yard look bad.

He says he's tired of waiting, he says he wants results now before another storm knocks another tree down.

The city does not collect limbs larger than 13 inches wide or 5 feet long.


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