North Memphis family desperate for help as rodents raid home

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A North Memphis family is desperate for help as rodents tear down their home.

The house on North Dunlap that the Brown family has lived in since the 1950s is now dealing with a problem they can’t get rid of.

“Jumping up on my stove; jumping up on my cabinet,” Frances Ann Brown said. “They even eat the food up.”

For weeks, mice and rats have been storming into the Browns’ home.

The family was finding them burrowing under the fence, through the concrete and boards outside and in through the cabinets and wall panels.

They think the rodents are coming from their neighbors, who have large items including an old food truck in their driveway.

“I think that’s the problem,” Brown said. “I almost know it’s the problem.”

WREG spoke with the neighbors in question, and they denied the mice and rats coming from their land or truck and instead blamed an empty field behind both homes.

Both families said they’ve spoken with the City of Memphis about the issue.

“They haven’t stepped in and did nothing,” Frances Ann Brown said. “The City hadn’t did nothing.”

There are no 311 incidents listed for Dunlap Street on the City of Memphis website.

The Brown family has covered holes, poured concrete and replaced exterior boards, but they feel overwhelmed as the rodents return on a nightly basis.

They hope the city will step in before their home of more than seven decades is ruined.

The City of Memphis said Wednesday that the owners of the property in question were cited and issued a court order.

Their last complaint on record for that block of homes was in 2017. They followed up after that incident and found the responsible party to be in compliance.

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