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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A well-known pharmacist from South Memphis, Dr. Charles Champion, was celebrated by his community in honor of his 90th birthday on Saturday.

Hundreds of people came out for the drive-thru birthday celebration. Cars lined Elvis Presley Blvd., where Dr. Champion’s pharmacy and herb store is located. Many consider him a pillar of the community. One of his long-time customers, Lola Bolden, said Dr. Champion’s work is reflected over several generations in South Memphis.

“The community loves Dr. Champion,” Bolden said. “He has helped from the tiniest of children to the oldest of people.”

Bolden said Champion has been very influential in South Memphis over the decades. His pharmacy and herb store opened back in 1981, and it has been the “go-to” place for people who live in the area. Bolden, who is 70 years old, said it was a family tradition to go to Dr. Champion.

“My mom use to talk about Dr. Champion and that’s how I ended up coming to Dr. Champion,” Bolden said. “Dr. Champion has been a great role model in this community, and I hope he lives to be 90 more years.”

In addition to the community celebrating Dr. Champion, his family members were present as well. Carol Champion, his daughter, said her father’s commitment to serving the community is not stopping just because the pharmacist turned 90 years old. Carol said he is launching a mobile herb store that can reach cities and communities throughout the entire Mid-South.

“We’re able to go into the communities and into west Tennessee and to the northern Mississippi and Arkansas to take our services,” Carol said.

Carol said the mobile unit is to not only expand their outreach but to continue his legacy for years to come. She said the goal is to remind everyone to live like a champion.

“One thing’s he’s taught us is to take care and serve the community,” Carol said.

As people drove by, Dr. Champion thanked them and expressed his gratitude.