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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — The manager of Soulja Boy was forced to leave his own 20 city talent showcase after someone broke into his Southaven home and took $200,000 in cash and items.

“It was a long flight. It was a long flight, said Michael Sykes of Palm Tree Entertainment.

Pictures courtesy of Michael Sykes

The burglars were able to get into his gated community and entered his house through a first-floor window.

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Once inside the home, they ransacked the place and left with numerous credit cards, $36,000 in cash, Louis Vuitton luggage, high-end watches and custom-made jewelry with the PTE logo on it.

“I had about 20 cards, and they stole them, and they are going around the city using them. Going to the Home Depot and Lowes, all these different places, spending a lot of money,” said Sykes.

Sykes believes the burglars jumped over a neighbor’s fence from the street to access his yard and disabled his alarm system.

Sykes, who goes by the name Miami Mike, said it’s possible it was an inside job, but said he also has around a half million followers on Instagram who know when he’s on the road and away from his home.

“I won’t be able to tell who it is unless they catch them. They got a couple of leads, you know,” Sykes said.

Sykes said he usually keeps his jewelry in a safe deposit box, but had it out for an upcoming photo shoot.

“I was going to let our artists wear some of the jewelry in their video,” he said.

Sykes said he has worked hard for his good fortune and other people should, too.

“Some people just don’t want to work all they want to do is steal and take from people,” Sykes said.

If you know anything that can help Southaven Police solve this crime, call Desoto County Crime Stoppers at (662)-429-TIPS.