Some say DMV closure is bad decision

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The DMV center with the longest wait times in the state of Tennessee closed its doors for good Wednesday. The driver reinstatement center in Hickory Hill was the only place between Memphis and Nashville to get your drivers license reinstated.

Efficiency and effectiveness is why the state says it moved the reinstatement center to the Whitehaven location, but some coming to get their license back on the center’s last day wondered if that was the right decision.

“I just seen the sign and I was like this is not a good idea,” Ryan Adams said.

Adams got his drivers license reinstated at the Hickory Ridge Towne Center and it took just a matter of minutes. It’s a task that took all day, even several days, of standing in line last year.

WREG was the first to tell you about the long lines, a complaint that eventually lead to this center staying open on busy Saturdays. Now this DMV center is closing.

“This is more convenient to get in and out and keep going where you have to go,” Adams said.

The state says the reinstatement center didn’t meet its need to provide the best customer service possible. That’s despite all the people that appreciate it.

“The last time I came down here, the line was all the way down through there. It may be a good decision, it may not be,” Tony Teamer said.

Bill Manning questioned the move. His company sells the high-risk insurance required once you get your license back.

“January, February March and April are the biggest months for reinstatement. As far as the timing, if they get over there and kind of get situated pretty good we’ll just see,” Manning, with Auto Plan Insurance, said.

The Shelby Drive location where the reinstatement center is moving can serve about 250 customers but parking is limited. We counted parking spaces for only 123 cars, and only six spots are handicap accessible.

Manning doubts the Shelby County location can handle the crowds at times.

“Personally during those months that I just talked about while ago, no. There’s just too much traffic,” Manning said.

WREG questioned the state about the possible parking problems. A spokesperson said she believes there are enough. If not, the frustration and anger we saw last year could return to what will likely be the new busiest DMV centers in the state.

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