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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee said Monday that most businesses in the state can begin a phased reopening beginning May 1, after the state’s Safer At Home order expires.

For restaurants, there’s a debate over when to allow people to dine-in. Now some are weighing in on when they think things should open up, as they weigh safety over their own survival.

The owners of the Peanut Shoppe on South Main said their business has plummeted, but they will leave it to the experts as to when they should reopen.

“If it is safe for us to open under their own observations, we should open. If the think they have a tiny doubt that we are not ready as a city as a community to open, we shouldn’t,” said Nura Abuzaineh with the Peanut Shoppe.

BJ Chester-Tamayo, owner of Alcenia’s downtown, would love to have her business back open, but not until it’s safe.  

“No. I do not think we need to open at the end of the month until this virus is taken care of,” she said. “I think we need to go with the scientists and doctors. I know everybody is hurting. I am hurting severely. But to me peoples’ lives are way more important than monetary value.”