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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The smoke is still so thick of I-40 near Whitten Road, you could barely see the semi trucks on the interestate on Wednesday. On top of making you strain your eyes, the smoke also makes you want to cover your nose. “How would you describe the smell?” “It smells like somebody is burning a person. It stinks,” replied Kasie Gates. Gates and her 2-year-old son live in a neighborhood not too far from the ongoing fire at the Jones Mulch and Wood Recycling Plant. The seeping smokes has been wreaking havoc on the toddler’s allergies. “I can tell because it’s his throat,” said Gates. “You can smell it right now. We can hardly breathe, my eyes, it’s awful. Your coughing…it’s awful!” Jackie Warren got up on Wednesday to take her dog Duke out for a walk, but after spending two minute outside they were forced to come back in. “He’s snorting already,” she said. “I just let him out here. His eyes are watering. We got to go back in.” Even families inside are having a tough time. Twins, Nicole and Natalie, ran out of their house Wednesday panicked. They thought a nearby house was burning. The smoke has made it hard for the asthmatic 14-year-olds to enjoy their day off from school. “Its like something is sitting on your chest, and go to find a way to breathe through you nose,” they said. These families hope some rain will come sooner than later, so they can get back to their regular lives enjoying what should be beautiful fall temperatures. It could take several days for the fire to go out and the smoke to go away.