Attempted smash and grab fails at Texaco in Oakland

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OAKLAND, Tenn. -- It's repair day at  Oakland Texaco as workers clean up a criminal's mess.

Hours earlier, surveillance video showed two people drive a car into the gas station's main entrance half an hour before they opened.

"And then the person in the passenger side comes in, straps on a strap on the ATM," said Jessica McCollum, the store manager.

It takes the person some time to strap up the ATM, and those efforts don't see the results he probably hoped for.

"They try to pull it twice. It doesn't move. They just break the door, pretty much."

And when the suspect comes out to see why the ATM didn't budge, he resorts to throwing his own weight in to knock it over.

"It was very bizarre the fact that he literally thought, it looked like his 170 pound body could knock over an ATM machine, baffles me."

The suspects then drive away empty handed.

Store managers said had they gotten away with the ATM, the cash box that takes a key to open it, wasn't even inside of it.

Although they didn't take anything, the attempted thieves certainly left a mark with shattered glass and a doorway that needs replacing.

"We're a mess now. I mean everything's fixable. This is all just stuff. Nobody was hurt. People are way more important. Even if they had taken it, it doesn't matter, but still -- The whole hassle of it."

A hassle that's become a story these workers will never forget.

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