Small business owners say they need the community’s support during these uncertain times


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — This has been a challenging year for small business owners in the Mid-South thanks to the pandemic.

That is why Small Business Saturday, this year, business owners said they need the community support now more than ever. Shoppers came to Overton Square looking to support local businesses.

One person said they believe when you shop small, you are showing support in a very big way.

“It’s more important to me going in and supporting local businesses, small businesses so they can make it than going into a big corporation,” Casey Phelps, a shopper, said.

Out on Overton Square, the shopping deals were in full force, and the support was even greater during Small Business Saturday.

“In all these scary times that are going on truly our local business and our small businesses need our attention and our money more than our corporations in my opinion,” Phelps said.

The Ivory Closet store manager Rebekah Brickeen said the pandemic has taken a toll on business; however, she said they have managed to push through thanks to community support.

“My boss she lives local, she’s from Memphis,” Brickeen said. “She has her own fashion line that’s local, and it’s good to support something like that because it’s special and it means something to your community.”

But not all local businesses are limited to brick-and-mortar stores. While holiday crowds are smaller, more and more shoppers move online to avoid the virus.

Memphis jewelry designer David Quarles, owner and creator of IV, said he’s noticed an increase in online sales. Additionally, he said it is vital for people to support small business, like they do big businesses.

“We all support amazon enough. They will be fine. Walmart will be fine. All of the big retail will be fine, but what we’re really wanting to do is pull together as a community,” Quarles said.

Small business owners said consumers should not only support them today all throughout the year.

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