Skull Breaker Challenge is sending kids to the hospital


NEW YORK — A new challenge on TikTok has recently gained national attention after it began sending kids to the hospital with severe injuries.

It’s called the Skull Breaker Challenge and it’s immediately clear why when you take a look at the videos.

According to CBS 2, the “prank” starts when at least two teens tell the unsuspecting victim that they are learning a new dance. When the victim jumps, the individuals, who are now on either side of the victim, kick out the victim’s legs, sending them tumbling to the ground.

The challenge sent Marc and Stacy Shenker’s teenage son to the hospital.

They told CBS 2 that their son suffered a concussion and had a seizure after two individuals tricked him into participating in the challenge while at school.

By the time Stacy made it up to the school to check on her son, he was unresponsive and on his way to the hospital.

Dr. Jodi Gold, a child psychiatrist, told CBS 2 it’s very important that parents get involved and explain to children that this challenge is actually a form of assault and cyber bullying.

“You are now recording yourself assaulting someone and now you’ve put it out publicly, so absolutely that will follow you,” CBS 2 quoted her as saying.

If you see video of the challenge on TikTok, you’re urged to report it to the social media platform for removal.

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