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MAURY CITY, Tenn – Gunfire erupted outside a Crockett County nightspot over the weekend.

Six people were wounded after dozens of shots were fired in the parking lot of Malone’s Bar and Grill in Maury City.

But the shooting didn’t stop there.  A mobile home in nearby Alamo was also shot up.

The Crockett County sheriff is looking for suspects, but so far witnesses have been reluctant to talk.

People who live and work near Malone’s Bar and Grill were shocked to learn of the shooting there.

“Well, it was kind of surprise to me, you know. ‘Cause this being a nice, quiet community as it is, it was just surprising to me,” said Kendrick Hardville.

Hardville, who used to live in Maury City,  works for a business that details farm equipment.

It’s just up the road from Malone’s Bar and Grill, where six people were shot early Sunday morning.

Terry Holton works with Kendrick Hardville and also used to live in Maury City.

“It used to be real peaceful and quiet around here, you could come out and have a good time. But now it’s just done got a little crazy, out of hand,” said Terry Holton.

According to Crockett County Sheriff Troy Klyce, the bar and grill closed just after midnight Sunday.

But there were fifty to sixty people in the parking lot when the shooting started around 1:30 a.m.

“We’re not ‘for sure’ but it appears that is began from an argument, maybe between a male and a female. And just escalated from that point,” said Klyce.

Klyce said at least 30 shots were fired, hitting four men and two women.

Three victims were treated and released, but three remain hospitalized.

Deputies found two of the wounded in a tan Chevy, which was headed to the hospital in Jackson.

The car was hit by four bullets; one even flattened one of the front tires.

Klyce also believes the shootings outside Malone’s Bar and Grill are connected to the shooting later Sunday morning at a mobile home in Alamo.

At least seven bullet holes were found in the mobile on West Main Street.

A woman and her child were inside but not hurt.

Crockett County detectives have been sorting through mountains of evidence, but the one thing missing is a positive ID on who fired the shots in Maury City and in Alamo.

So far, none of the dozens of people in the parking lot at Malone’s have come forward with a good description.

“Well, that’s what you’d think, that a lot of people saw a lot of things. But naw, it’s kind of difficult sometimes to get people to talk,” said Klyce.

The sheriff has assigned three detectives to work the investigation and plans to interview the hospitalized victims as soon as their condition stabilizes.