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(Marshall County, MS) The sister of an 18-year-old man, who was bound and tossed into a lake last month, was charged Friday in connection with the crime.

Ashley Hardeman, 19, was charged with aggravated assault and kidnapping of her brother, Charles Hardeman.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Department said it seemed someone tried to kill Charles Hardeman on April 11. Authorities believe someone tied his legs together, threw him in the lake behind the house he was staying in, and set the house on fire.

Gas cans were found around the house as it burned. Meanwhile, Charles Hardeman swam his way out of the lake and got into a pick-up truck to find help. He crashed the pick-up into a tree.

Kevin Schrock and Gregory Jenkins were arrested for the crime.

On Friday, Schrock was released. His bond was reduced from $1 million to $100,000.

“It’s our understanding that other individuals were taken into custody today, and that’s what resulted in the district attorney’s office agreeing to let us make bond,” said Tony Farese, Schrock’s attorney.

Farese said that video surveillance at Schrock’s home shows he was there, and not at the scene.

“We have corroborating evidence to prove where Mr. Schrock was on April 11, 2012 from 12:45 to 3 o’clock p.m. that clearly places him outside of the scene of the crime.”

Neighbors on Hurdle Club Road were completely stunned at the twist in the story.

“I just don’t believe it,” said Aloys Tucker.

Her husband, Leon Tucker, said, “She’s kind of a quiet person, and I just see her go up and down the road a lot, but I don’t think she would hurt her own brother.”

The Tuckers said the Hardemans are very nice and friendly people. They had never seen such a bizarre incident happen in their neighborhood.

In April, News Channel 3 talked to the Hardemans as they brought Charles home from The MED, where he was recovering from a stroke he suffered the day he was tossed into the lake.

His mother, Tammy Hardeman, was happy he made it out alive.

She sent a message to the people responsible: “You thought you killed my son, but my son is still alive, and he’s going to tell us who did it to him.”

Charles Hardeman also called for justice and said he couldn’t wait to get to court to tell them who did it.

But on Friday, no one with the Hardeman family wished to comment.