Single mother out of a home after getting runaround from property manager

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A single mom says a property management company keeps giving her the runaround.

She was told she could move into a home in the Westwood neighborhood this week. She’s put down money and it’s still not ready.

“It’s been really, really stressful,” said Rosza Thorns. “I really haven’t been able to sleep, I hadn’t been able to eat.”

She applied to rent the property last month. Management asked her to mention any needed repairs, which she did — noting the broken windows, panels falling off the side of the house and more.

“The door is really not secure, even though these are security doors, it’s not secure. This is Plexiglas and it’s not fitting in here correctly.”

The property’s managed by CrestCore Realty, LLC.

“Once I was approved and they reassured me that the repairs would be made, I went on and paid the $700 deposit to get the house off the market.”

Thorns showed us the receipts where she’s put down more than $1,500 in a deposit, first month’s rent and fees.

Her property agent told her repairs had been made, but she stopped by and saw it wasn’t true.

“At this point, I was upset. I was in tears. Really in tears.”

She and her four children had to be out of their current house Friday morning, which she originally thought would be perfect since it’d give her several days to move.

“It didn’t go as planned.”

She said no one’s giving her any answers.

“My whole life is in a U-Haul as we speak.”

Thorns said at this point, all she wants is a refund.

CrestCore Realty has a B+ rating with the BBB. Their customer reviews give them an average of two out of five stars.

The company said the repairs were supposed to be funded by the owner, which clearly didn’t happen. They’re going to make it right by either making the repairs with their own money or by refunding her.

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