MEMPHIS – After losing it’s first three games of the season, the energy hit differently this week at the Memphis Showboats practice, as the franchise won it’s first game in 38 years.

Showboats defensive end Jeff McCulloch sealed the win for Memphis over Michigan last Saturday when he forced a strip-sack which lead to a 34 yard touchdown. McCulloch finished with five tackles, one sack and two pass deflections.

” Winning will energize anybody. It’s hard to be energetic about losing. Especially when you’re in a flight or fight state. You don’t have have options, we’re in a desperation mode out here, man. Every day, every step, every rep everything counts,” said McCulloch.

There weren’t enough game balls to go around for Showboats head coach Todd Haley, as the Memphis forced four turnovers in the 19 point win.

” We’ve been searching for ways to get and create turnovers and sometimes when the floodgates are broken a little bit, you can see them come in bunches,” said Haley.

In only his second start of the season, after replacing former Memphis Tiger quarterback Brady White, Cole Kelley threw for 151 yards and rushed for two touchdowns in the win against Michigan.

” It feels good, I feel like we’ve been working and we haven’t been rewarded since starting the season. It’s just a credit to our team and our coaches and how we just keep grinding regardless. Good things happen when you’re doing the right things and working hard,” said Kelley.

Now hoping to build on the momentum, the Showboats are now tasked with slowing down the New Orleans Breakers, who are the last remaining undefeated team in the division.

” There’s no better way to get respect than to beat the undefeated team. It’s easy to fight bounce back after bad things happen, but let’s see how we handle success because that’s equally hard,” said Kelley.

The Showboats and Breakers kick-off at 2 p.m. on Saturday from Protective Stadium in Birmingham, Alabama.