Shoppers voice concerns to Kroger about Whitehaven store

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — More than one shopper at the Kroger on East Shelby Drive at Elvis Presley has concerns about some of the things they’ve seen there.

“You step out your car, and you can step out on a baby diaper, something like that,” said shopper Shirley Holliday.

“We deserve more, we deserve better,” said Dr. Yvonne Nelson, a member of a group called My Zip.

On Tuesday evening, about 10 concerned citizens took their concerns to Kroger. Nelson showed WREG pictures of shopping carts near the front of the store filled with items like chicken, which she claims were left there for hours.

“They could actually get sick,” said Nelson.

At Tuesday’s meeting, a Kroger representative reassured the group that any items seen sitting out would have been disposed of.

“If any meat, dairy, seafood is sitting out, we do not put that on our shelves,” said Teresa Dickerson with Kroger.

The Shelby County Health Department also urged people to report any potential violations.

“We haven’t had any complaints about the location,” said Yolanda Woods, the department’s Environmental Health and Food Safety Program manager.

As for cosmetic complaints about the store, Kroger said it is spending $750,000 to refresh the décor and merchandise.

Nelson wishes they would also do something about the lines.

“Here in Whitehaven, lines could be backed up past the isles to the meat department in the back because there’s only two cashiers working,” she said.

“If you want another line open, just ask the store manager. That’s what they’re there for and they can open another line for you. I mean, it’s just that easy,” said Dickerson.

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