Shoppers turnout for Black Friday deals despite coronavirus concerns


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Even with COVID in the air, that still wasn’t enough to stop people in the Mid-South from carrying out their Black Friday shopping.

Since the crack of dawn, shoppers waited patiently in line at the Best Buy in the Wolfchase area to get their hands on some Black Friday deals.

“We woke up at two to come and see what they had in-store,” said Kaitlin Barnett.

On any other year, you’ll usually find people camping outside until the doors open, but this year, the lines were a little shorter.

Barnett and Amanda Chandler say even with shorter lines, they weren’t expecting to see a line at all since the pandemic is still impacting the Mid-South.

“It just shows even though we’re in this pandemic, people still want to show up, which is so funny to me,” Barnett said.

And the crowds didn’t ease up throughout the day. While some people chose to wait in line, others chose to wait in their cars, taking advantage of the curbside delivery options.

“I think it’s just kind of convenient,” said Ben Foster. “I mean I don’t mind going in with a mask and everything, but I just think it’s kind of convenient and nice.”

Kaci Dowling says in recent years she usually spends the whole day shopping with her family. However, with a baby on the way, she says she decided to shop online and only came out to get exactly what she needed.

“I didn’t really find any better deals than in-store,” Dowling said. “It’s definitely not as many people. They’re a lot more cautious which is appreciated.”

Many of the customers we spoke to say they plan on doing majority of their shopping online.

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