Shoppers at Berclair shopping complex say overflowing dumpsters have become unbearable

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Shoppers in Berclair are getting an eye full of trash.

As summer continues to heat up, they say the smell hits you before the sight does.

Clothes, juice containers and cardboard are some of the items scattered around the shopping complex.

Mark Alexander planned on shopping in the complex, but got a whiff of more than he bargained for while running errands.

“How does it get like this?” he asked. “I wasn’t looking back there, but that is ugly.”

As the weather gets warmer and the wind picks up, customers are in for a smelly shopping experience.

“I was looking directly at the store. I didn’t see it, but you can’t miss it when you look that way. It’s terrible,” Alexander said.

Some shoppers told us the mess comes from dumpster divers tossing things to the side that they don’t want.

Others say, the dumpsters have become a place for anyone to drop off items.

In fact, while we were talking to Alexander, we noticed a lot of traffic by the dumpsters.

“How do we stop people from dumping back here?” a customer asked.

WREG also noticed a steady stream of water running towards the mess and what could be attracted to the mess.

“Mosquitos are going to pass all kinds of germs from there. It just isn’t good,” Alexander said.

The city plans to send code enforcement out to take a look, but they say it’s up to the business who got the dumpster to clean it up.

If you notice an eyesore in your community the city wants you to call 311 to let them know.

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