Shooting victim sped through neighborhood as elementary school dismisses

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. --  The final bell had just rung at Newberry Elementary and students were walking home from school as an orange jeep sped onto the curb.

“The truck kinda flipped over before we could see anything there were so many police on the street,” said Homer Jones.

Sheriff's deputies were behind the jeep.

They saw the driver swerving and speeding through the neighborhood and tried to pull it over.

Police said the man behind the wheel had been shot.

“The suspect fired several shots striking that vehicle in the back and the victim was shot once,” said Venus Owens, of Memphis Police.

Officers said it all started at a gas station a few miles away on Winchester.

The person in the jeep and someone in another car started fighting.

The jeep sped off and the driver of the other car followed firing shots.

Bullets were flying and cars were speeding literally next to an elementary school.

“We come to this park all the time, I'm just glad it missed us, it just missed us,” said Adrian Jones, a parent.

Parents said they've given up.

They don't know how to avoid crime, or how to protect their kids any longer.

John Fleming said he is taking the mayor's advice and encouraging everyone to help lock up the criminals.

“You got to stay vigilant, be involved in the community you got to be willing to testify, point these people out. It's the only way,” said Fleming.

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