MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man is in critical condition following a shooting in Highland Heights on Wednesday morning.

Police were called to the shooting around 2 a.m. in the 900 block of Pope Street, at a house that neighbors claim is a source of trouble.

The man who lives there says he has no idea what happened.

“I didn’t see it, I didn’t hear it,” he said.

However, according to police, a man was shot in the thigh and found lying in the grass at that location.

“Well, maybe he just — whatever happened, he just got shot somewhere else and maybe made it this far and fell out,” the resident said.

According to the incident report, police talked to several people who said they heard gunshots outside the home before walking out to find the man shot and injured.

Neighbors described the home as a problem house.

“Well of course he is going to tell you it’s not a problem. There are problem houses all over this area,” a neighbor said. “There are shootings at all times of the day.”

The city data hub says there have been eight aggravated assaults and one murder this year within a quarter mile of the home.

“The constant shooting day and night over here, it’s just out of control,” the neighbor said. “I hope they find him but I hope they keep him in jail.”

Officers say the victim does not know who shot him but the suspect was reportedly wearing a black hoodie and ran away on foot from the scene.