Judge: Sherra Wright deemed competent to stand trial

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Sherra Wright may have been cursing guards, flooding her jail cell and taking off her clothes saying she was going swimming months ago, but now a doctor says she still has her mental capabilities.

In court Friday morning, Judge Lee Coffee read the September report from Dr. Nichols Wyatt, who evaluated Sherra at Jail East.

“Dr. Nichols has concluded that Ms. Wright understands the nature of the legal process, the charges against her and the consequences that can follow,” said Judge Coffee.

It means it’s very unlikely insanity will be a defense for Sherra, who is accused of plotting and  carrying out the murder of her ex husband Lorenzen Wright.

Wright’s mother, Deborah Marion,  isn’t surprised.

“How you be crazy one week and the next week you done wrote a book? Explain that to me. I don’t understand,” said Marion.

Sherra has also been writing more letters, even sending one to the judge, who told her in court that he couldn’t accept it. Her attorney later said the letter was a request to change pods at the jail.

It follows Sherra writing a letter to the Los Angeles Times asking supporters to raise her bail money and buy her book.

Her attorney, Juni Ganguli, says he has since advised her against writing any letters.

“We don’t want several different voices coming out, several different messages. We want it to be concise, consistent,” said Ganguli.

Also in court for the first time was Sherra’s brother Julius, whom she said she planned to live with if she is released on bond.

“I gotta get back to work.” her brother told us.  “She asked me to be here. That’s all. ”

Sherra’s co-defendant Billy Turner told the court he was out of money and can’t afford to pay an investigator working on his case.
Turner’s  lawyer, John Keith Perry,  wants him declared indigent.

“We have hired a private investigator. We have paid him a good deal, but there is a substantial amount of investigating that needs to continue,” said Perry.

Also another indication this case may take a while.
The judge told the court he hopes to have it wrapped up by the end of 2019.

“I don’t care how long it takes. The longer it takes to me, the better evidence we come up with,” said Lorenzen Wright’s mom, Deborah.

Sherra Wright and Billy Turner will be back in court November 29th.

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