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HETH, Ark. — One man is in custody following the death of another man in Heth, Arkansas, the St. Francis County Sheriffs Office said.

Travis Pulliam, 45, is being held without bond on first-degree battery charges, though the sheriff’s office says those charges are likely to be upgraded.

St. Francis County deputies said Pulliam shot 52-year-old Donald Dishon late Sunday afternoon.

St. Francis County Deputy Coroner Miles Kimble confirms the victim was transported to Memphis where he later died. His body will go to the Arkansas State Medical Examiner.

According to the sheriff’s office, Pulliam and Dishon had been involved in a dispute over a mobile home that Dishon had purchased from Pulliam.

Dishon’s wife, Charlotte Faulkner, says she and her husband paid Pulliam $25,000 in cash last year for the mobile home, the land and a truck.

She now believes it was all a sham.

Faulkner says Pulliam gave them a bill of sale even though he hadn’t settled with his insurance company after a home burned on the same property.

‘You can’t sell a property that’s not settled through the insurance yet.”

Pulliam had recently gotten the mobile home back from Dishon through court proceedings and a crew was cleaning it out when Dishon confronted the cleaning crew and forced them to leave.

Pulliam called the sheriff’s department and came to the scene.

A gunfight started, witnesses said, and Dishon was shot in the back as he ran away. As Dishon lay on the ground attempting to reload his weapon, Pulliam allegedly approached him and shot him several more times before running back to his truck to reload.

Witnesses who were inside the trailer say Dishon pulled up pointing a pistol in their direction.

Faulkner says otherwise.

“I don’t ever remember him discharging his gun. I was standing over my husband as he shot him. Then he puts the gun to my head and says, ‘Move bitch or I’ll kill you too.”

She says the hole in the trailers window may have been from when her husband’s gun fired when he fell to the ground after he was shot.

“He shot him in the back. Wasn’t that good enough? No. You had to finish him off.”

No matter how it went down, Faulkner doesn’t think any of it was necessary.