Shelby County Sheriff’s Office tells dog owners to keep dogs restrained after child is attacked


SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office is issuing a reminder about the county’s leash laws after a child was attacked by an unrestrained dog in the Cordova area Tuesday afternoon.

The sheriff’s office said the boy was playing in the front yard of his home on Belle Trees with his dog when a pit bull got free from a nearby residence and attacked him. The child had deep bite marks on his arm, leg and shoulder that required stitches.

Deputies said the owner of the dog was cited for violating the county’s animal-at-large ordinance.

Wednesday, another deputy was forced to shoot a dog running loose in a Northaven neighborhood. The deputy said the dog had gotten off its chain and was being aggressive toward some children.

Rabies control was also notified because they did not know if they dog had a required rabies shot.

Shelby County law stipulates dogs cannot run at large and must be leashed, kenneled or confined to a fence yard or secured inside a home.

During these frigid temperatures, the sheriff’s office is also reminding pet owners to bring their animals inside or provide them with a warm shelter.

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