Shelby County Sheriff’s Office releases courthouse reopening plan


Chris Craft’s courtroom in Shelby County’s Criminal Justice Center is eerily empty during the coronavirus shutdown.

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office released new rules for the county courthouse.

Everyone entering the building will be required to have a mask. If someone is unable or refuses to wear a mask, they will be instructed to call the Court Clerk’s office to tell them they’re unable to attend court. Those who are sick will also not be allowed to enter.

Only those individuals directly impacted by litigation will be allowed inside the courthouse. Children will not be allowed inside.

Upon arrival there will also be specific entrances depending on which court you are going to. Those going to General Sessions Court Divisions seven through 13, Juvenile Court or the Memphis City Courts will enter through the Washington Avenue entrance.

Those heading to Criminal Courts Divisions one through 10, General Sessions Division 14, Environmental Court and Division 25 will enter on Poplar Avenue.

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