Shelby County Sheriff’s Office issues warning as carjackings rise across the county


SHELBY CO., Tenn. – Carjackings are on the rise, and they’re happening all over the county.

The sheriff’s office posted a warning about an increase in carjackings and a new way these thieves finding their targets.

“There’s a trend where carjackers will rear end your car, they will bump you, and it’s common for us to get out and observe the damage and speak to the other person, but that’s when somebody else will jump out of that car and they will rob you of your vehicle,” said Lt. Dallas Wolfe.

Deputies say that’s exactly what happened to a driver earlier this year at the intersection of Hacks Cross and Shelby Drive. They say in that situation the carjackers had a gun.

“So, it’s important not to resist. Your car is insured. Don’t risk getting hurt because your car can be replaced, and you can’t,” Wolfe said.

Instead, be aware of your surroundings and not on your cell phones, because these carjackers are watching and waiting, hoping to catch you off guard.

“It’s typically when you’re in a transitional space when you’ll be robbed of your car,” Wolfe said. “When you’re sitting there, when you’re exiting your vehicle, maybe when you’re loading your car from a store and you’re distracted.”

Deputies say if you are in an accident and feel uncomfortable, you can pull over and call 911 before getting out of your vehicles.

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