Deadline for SCS parents to declare if students will participate in phased reopening is Friday



SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — The deadline for parents to declare if their student will go back to class or not come January is Friday.

The original deadline was scheduled for October 30, but officials said they have moved it back to Friday, November 6.

“Remember, it is essential for all families to declare their preferred learning options so we know how many students will be attending when it is safe to return,” the district said Tuesday. “This will allow us to adequately prepare for staffing, student services and various daily operations at all schools.”

SCS plans to reopen schools in what’s called a phased approach, starting with the youngest students.

“We’re starting with Pre-K thru 5th as well as our CDC students who are in that grade band,” Dr. Angela Whitelaw, of SCS, said. “We do feel that definitely we’ll be learning during those two weeks, basically we’ll be learning from parents, (and) we’ll be learning from teachers on the things we need to be prepared for high schools and middle schools”

Students whose parents do not make a decision by November 6 will be automatically enrolled in the in-person instruction option.

More information on SCS’s reopening plan is online here.

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