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Church’s Fried Chicken #350 – 79
2963 Park Ave. Memphis, TN 38114
Violations include: no written health policy, no paper towels in hand sink in prep area and entrance to kitchen, pink residue found inside drink machine, chicken tenders are under 135 F, flour cup scoop stored on rack with buildup of food debris, hot holding case has grease build up on exterior, restrooms did not have waste bins, sewage water smell found in lobby and restroom.

Inspector note: Three compartment sink is not set up during the inspection. Given PIC (Person In Charge) safe food donation pamphlet.

Perkins & Marie Calendar (Food Service) – 79
3455 Poplar Ave. Memphis, TN 38111
Violations include: cook touched onion rings with bare hands, plates and silver were not sanitized due to the dishwasher being unable to reach 160F, no date marking on tomatoes, brown gravy or turkey gravy, flies and gnats found near serving line in kitchen, water leaking from handle of mop sink, toilet in women’s restroom is not flushing, several floor tiles are broken and missing pieces in the kitchen, grease buildup found on floor between cook area and prep kitchen.

Taco Loco – 85
3970 Jackson Ave. Memphis, TN 38128
Violations include: raw food stored over ready-to-eat foods in cooler, improper date marking – cooked meat stored in cooler for over 24 was not date marked, unlabelled containers of food, uncovered containers of food inside cooler, open bag of sugar stored in kitchen, microwave is dirty – needs to be washed, rinsed and sanitized, hand washing sink is clogged – water is not draining, no soap in women’s restroom and toilet tank is leaking, no paper towels in women’s restroom, most recent inspection not posted.

IHOP – 89 (Follow-Up) – 77 (Previous)
3710 Riverdale Memphis, TN 38115
Violations include: crickets found in the men’s restroom, food worker did not have hair restraint, black mold found on cutting board stored in three compartment sink, grease buildup on molding of prep sink, leaking knob on hand sink, no running water in bathroom sink near urinal, hand sink nozzle is loose in women’s restroom, water leaking from toilet in women’s restroom, used tissue in seat cover storage in men’s restroom, mold found near drink syrup in dry storage, current inspection not posted.

Inspector’s Note: All priority violations corrected. Person In Charge given safe food donation pamphlet.

La Ceiba – 90
1184 Covington Pike Suite B Memphis, TN 38122
Violations include: no paper towels at hand sink, no thermometer observed in freezer chest, no labels on food containers, wiping cloths improperly stored on prep table, ice scoop stored inside ice bin, small bowl used as scoop, no chlorine test strips, ceiling tiles damaged near three compartment sink, restrooms need self-closing door, light out in vent-a-hood.

McDonald’s #5724 – 92
3149 Thomas Memphis, TN 38127
Violations include: freezer holding fries not working properly (52 degrees), flies and gnats observed in food prep area, employee prepping food without hair restraint, coffee filters stored uncovered in dirty storage area, exterior of drink machine dirty, toilet leaking in women’s restroom.


Alzheimer’s Day Services
4585 Raleigh Lagrange Memphis, TN 38117

Baskin Robbins
8057 US Highway 64 #106 Memphis, TN 38133

Central Baptist School
5470 Raleigh Lagrange Memphis, TN 38134

Juicy Crab Bar
2828 Wolfcreek Pkwy Memphis, TN 38133

Memphis Business Academy – Hickory Hill
4443 S Germantown Rd Memphis, TN 38117

MIFA – North Lake
5190 Wesley Park Bartlett, TN 38134