Shelby County recycling old Christmas trees, boxes and more


A sign that Christmas is over, county crews are working to recycle dropped off trees into mulch at the Agricenter.

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — County officials say after the holidays, they often find Christmas decorations along the side of the road, but there is a way to put those discarded items to good use.

People and business are dropping off their discarded holiday waste and greenery at the Agricenter, where Shelby County Public Works is once again operating a recycling center.

From now until Jan. 10, people can drop off their old trees and other greenery such as wreaths at the designated location near the Showplace Arena on South Germantown Road, just as long as all tinsel and decorations are removed.

The county says the mulch from the trees will be used in county sponsored environmental projects.

Right next to the tree dropoff location, there’s an area for people to recycle their Christmas boxes and wrapping paper.

Anusha Adduri says she makes it her goal every holiday to recycle. She says she even goes as far as recycling her neighbor’s paper and plastic left on the side of the road.

“We need to do something at least and this is my share of doing it,” said Adduri, who was putting the holidays behind her Thursday. “I just try to pick them up without anybody seeing so I don’t offend or disturb anybody’s work, but if I find something I’ll definitely bring it and drop it off here.”

Before you put out those Christmas boxes, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office wants you to be mindful that those boxes you put out may entice criminals and thieves to come to your house. They suggest making sure you’re tearing those boxes down, cutting them up or recycling them if you can.

The county says the initiative is funded by a litter removal grant from the Tennessee Department of Transportation.


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