Shelby County Office of Preparedness gearing up for Tropical Depression Cindy

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Shelby County Office of Preparedness is gearing up for any possible problems that Tropical Depression Cindy may cause here in the Mid-South.

On Wednesday, Public Works crews went around the city trying to clear up clogged storm drains to reduce the risk of flash flooding.

There are also concerns about tree damage.

Trees weakened by the recent storms could be vulnerable if we get a lot of wind and rain.

“Anytime you add that extra surface weight to the trees as the water soaks through the bark that could cause some instability coupled with a little bit of wind, doesn`t have to be much that`s gonna cause some problems,” said Terran Arwood.

Officials said now is the time to make an emergency plan in case things get bad in your neighborhood.

They released the following tips:

  • Make sure you and your children know where to go if you need to evacuate
  • Create an emergency kit with enough supplies to sustain you, your family and any pets for seven days
  • Take inventory of your home by taking pictures and videos

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