Shelby County health department releases order on evictions, school openings


Also says school boards in charge of opening/closing

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A new directive from the Shelby County Health Department states temporary housing may be available for people facing evictions, and clarifies who makes the call on school closures.

Health Directive No. 14 goes into effect at midnight Tuesday.

The document states that anyone who is quarantined, or has a family member who is, due to COVID-19 and is unable to secure housing can call the Shelby County Health Department at (901) 222-6275. Temporary housing may be available.

It also states that school openings and closings are governed by local school boards, although the health department provides technical assistance to schools.

In their first health directive since Governor Lee re-opened the state and encouraged in-person learning, the Shelby County Health Department is taking steps to clarify its authority.

“We had the county attorney along with the state attorney to review the Governor’s executive orders,”  Dr. Bruce Randolph, Health Officer Shelby County Health Department said. “Our primary focus is maintaining the health and safety of the citizens of Shelby County.”

Dr. Randolph insists that Shelby County Schools will decide when they re-open, and the health department will merely provide information and suggestions when asked.

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