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(Memphis) – Down to the wire, that’s where some parents were taking it as they tried to get in the last back-to-school shopping Sunday afternoon.
They were not shopping for school supplies, but school uniforms.

“Just trying to get school shirts and school pants just get him ready for tomorrow,” says Dawn Stafford, who was shopping for her son Sunday.

Steven Bell`s son will be dressing in a uniform for the first time this year and it hasn`t  been easy adjusting.

“Last year he could wear anything he wanted. He went to Shelby County Schools, Highland Oaks. By moving to uniforms,  it’s kinda hard. They are running out of his sizes quick,” says Bell.

Uniforms are just the half of it.
How buses will roll on the first day back is even keeping Shelby County School Superintendent Dorsey Hopson on edge.

“The thing that causes me heartburn and kept me up at night is transportation,” says Hopson.

Will a change in bus routes mean some students end up waiting for buses that never come?
Will drivers be able to cover 3 morning and 3 afternoon routes after normally covering just two?
They are answers that will come in the first days of the new school year.
The top brass at Shelby County Schools say they are ready, but still be patient as they work through the rough spots.

“You have people go to the wrong bus stops, some kids gonna get off at wrong stop, have some buses that are late and some that are early,” says Hopson.

With the clock ticking parents say what else can they do but wait and see.

“People are gonna be waiting with bated breath to see what goes wrong,” says Hopson.
We should know in hours how it all pans out.
The school system is not leaving you in limbo, especially when it comes to transportation.
If you have a problem with any school buses, there is a hot line you can call. It`s  901-321-2280.